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Tim Lavender


Tim comes to us from the Smyrna church of Christ, where he preached for over 37 years. During his tenure, the church went through five building programs to accommodate a church that grew to over 800 members.  At 67, he retired from the pulpit and became their involvement minister for two more years.  

In 2021, after COVID, Tim was preaching for various congregations, trying to help them come back alive after so many had slowed down in attendance.  When he preached for Riggs that December, we persuaded him to come back in the pulpit as our preacher.  Since then, he has helped us grow as he takes on the Sunday morning and Sunday evening preaching, plus the adult Bible Class.

Tim has been married to Sally Lavender, formerly Sally Montgomery from Lewisburg, for 52 years.  His hobbies are flying model airplanes, conducting travel groups, and working with children.  His children’s flying club was featured on Tennessee Crossroads under the title “Smyrna Flying Aces.”  Tim leads singing for us from time to time and often leads a song in his sermon.  Every lesson is accompanied by a fill in the blank outline in our bulletin to help us remember the Word of God.  


“I try to bring lessons that are down to earth with the object of helping all of us remain faithful to the calling of Christ.”  

- Tim Lavender

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